Final Info 25.12.2023 Army of Hardcore

Ticket info:

All Paylogic tickets are not personalized, the name on the ticket is not important,  we only check if the ticket is valid.

Important: all tickets will be scanned, fake tickets or double used tickets have no chance for admission.

We recommend everybody to not buy tickets from private persons o the internet or from people who sell Tickets in front of the location. These tickets are most times not valid and you get no entry with it. It’s a waste of money to buy them, please don’t do this.

Attention: The event is sold out!  There is no Box Office – without valid ticket no entrance !

The entrance (check in) is open all night long.

Doors open:

We will open the location at 17.00 o’clock, to give you the option  to wait inside in our chill out hall. Meanwhile you can store your stuff in the lockerbox, buy token, wristbands and have a drink at the bar.

Minimum age:

International Guests: Minimum age: 16 Years (All visitors need their ID card – without ID card no entrance)


At Turbinenhalle drinks or lockerbox can only be payed with token. Turbinenhalle is not using a cashless-system! The token sale point can be found in the Locationmap. Token can be paid cash or with EC-card.


We will have a limited offer of wristbands (€ 4,00). These wristbands are only fan items and have no further function. Re-entry is generally not possible at the Turbinenhalle, also not with this wristband.

All people who bought a wristband in presale: please take the left row at the main etrance to get your wristband.

Lockerbox System:

At the festival we have a locker system, the price per locker is 6 token (1 token = €1.11) and a €5.55 deposit. The lockers can only be rented on site; pre-orders are not possible. In previous years the number of locker boxes was always sufficient for the expected number of visitors.

The locker boxes are not suitable for backpacks or large objects (sound box etc.)! Jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, handbags fit easily. Please store large items in the lockers at Oberhausen train station

Please take a look at the map below, we’ve got two lockebox points at Turbinenhalle.

Smoking Area:

We’ve two outdoor smoking Areas at the Turbinehalle, you can find them in the locatition map. In Oberhausen it’s not allowed to smoke inside the building.

Parking spot:

Parking on the grounds of the Turbinenhalle costs €5.00 parking fee. There are also additional parking options in the surrounding industrial area.



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